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Why GuardianEdge encryption?

There are several features and benefits that make GuardianEdge encryption software better than the competition.

The challenge:

Enterprise Endpoint Data Protection for PCs, Laptops, USB devices and Smartphones.

Enterprises and government agencies are rapidly recognizing the need to safeguard data on their endpoints. Loss or leakage of data from endpoints not only puts critical IP, customer data, or even classified information in danger of falling into the wrong hands, but it can also subject organizations to the substantial costs and embarrassing public disclosures resulting from noncompliance with provincial, national, and international privacy laws when legally protected information is lost.

Remote devices which are ever growing in popularity such as laptops and USB thumb drives can also contain information at risk. If an employee is in transit with such a device and it is stolen, at risk could be kinds of information that should remain confidential (i.e. credit card information, SIN numbers, banking information, medical records). User names and passwords are meant for keeping out the casual web surfer who happens to stumble upon a site that is restricted for certain eyes only. Any hacker who is worth their salt has little difficulty if any getting passed a firewall's user name and password.

The severe fines that can be imposed for such a security breach can be extremely crippling for any company, charity or government funded organization.

The solution: GuardianEdge

As the leading enterprise-class solution for deploying and managing endpoint data protection, the GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform delivers strong encryption and granular, policy-based access controls, centrally managed administration, and ease of deployment and management. Additionally, by leveraging the Active Directory service commonly used by IT administrators, the GuardianEdge platform delivers unprecedented scalability, easy integration with existing infrastructure and low deployment and training costs.

Below is a Competitive Summary that will show you how GuardianEdge stacks up against the competition in features:


GuardianEdge data encryption software installed at the hard disc level scrambles the information so that a when the thief in question pops open the laptop or the hacker gets around the user name and password, all that they will see is a jumbled mess of letters and numbers.


GuardianEdge encryption software is the choice of institutions such as NASA, Homeland Security and the Department of National Defense. Banking and Healthcare institutions across North America depend on GuardianEdge for it’s ease of deployment, manageability and affordability.

GuardianEdge is the right choice for any organization looking to mitigate the risk of compromising it’s sensitive data.

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